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Transformation of accounting SAP documents into paired postings

Services include a transformation of accounting data imported from SAP into a collection of paired postings, while preserving closely the accounting meaning of the data. The input of the algorithm consists of accounting (FI) SAP documents. An accounting (FI) SAP document is a list of line items, each of which consists from a single account and includes the account number, a Debit/Credit indicator and a monetary amount, as well as other data. The output consists of paired postings. A paired posting involves two accounts, a Debit one and a Credit one, and includes a single monetary amount as well as other data. Thus, the principal difference between a SAP document and a paired posting is that the former may involve multiple accounts with a monetary amount attached to each one, whereas the latter involves only two accounts, with a single monetary amount transferred from one to the other.

The algorithm has been implemented as a macro in the Microsoft Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) environment. Services are normally provided on a regular basis (monthly or quarterly).

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