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Business planning

Business planning is based on actual data and expert estimates of:

  • dynamics of prices of supplies and sale prices
  • the composition of production costs
  • parameters of technology used
  • capacity usage
  • turnover of stocks of finished products, raw materials, receivables and payables

The system allows to plan and forecast:

  • profit and loss
  • cash flow
  • balance sheet
  • production, finance and investment

The features of the business plan are:

  • Actual historical data obtained from CSIA are used actively.
  • Reporting are of the same format as business planning format.
  • Business plan tables are constructed as immediate extensions of tables with actual data.
  • Running monthly business planning is performed.
  • Our business plan allows one to calculate financial consequences of possible future scenarios interactively.

It is possible to construct reports with actual data from CSIA monthly, quarterly or yearly and to copy these reports directly into the business plan. During this process, the parameters necessary for forecasting are corrected and brought up to date. In particular, the plans for production, investment and finance, as well as price forecasts, may be adjusted. It is easy to monitor the trends of key figures using these tables and corresponding graphs.

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