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The Corporate System of Information and Analysis (CSIA) is specialised software for rendering management accounts automatic. It is based on the 1C software. CSIA is able to configure management reports on a regular basis, in the IFRS format if required. CSIA can be used both in the case of a single enterprise and for a group of enterprises. In the latter case, it supports consolidation of accounts.

Simultaneously with setting up management accounts based on CSIA, we create a spreadsheet-based model of an enterprise for business planning. A distinctive feature of our approach to business planning is active use of actual data obtained via CSIA. Tables of a business plan are of the same format as management reports. Timely updating of the business model with actual data allows us to organise running monthly planning.

Using CSIA, we create a system for managing an enterprise based on management reports and business planning formed using the following basic principles: simplicity, conciseness, efficiency, reliability and comparability of data.

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