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CSIA Software

Structure of data flow

CSIA has a hierarchical structure. A local component of CSIA is installed on each enterprise, and the central component is installed at the head office. Every day local components of CSIA receive data transformed from bookkeeping databases of the enterprises. Then the data is automatically transferred from the local CSIAs to the central component (via FTP).

Methodology of solution

  • CSIA constructs a table of correspondence between bookkeeping and management accounts of the enterprise.
  • The structure of management accounts and analytical data is a lot simpler and, when management accounting is set up for a group of enterprises, is common for all enterprises in the group.
  • The management database is aggregated: this makes its use for business planning possible.

Information used by CSIA and software

  • The CSIA is based on the 1C accounting software
  • The CSIA uses the bookkeeping data of the enterprises
  • The CSIA can deal with enterprises using any accounting software

Certified by the 1C company

The Corporate System of Information and Analysis (CSIA) is certified by 1C, JSC: it has been issued with a certificate “Compatible! Software system 1C:Enterprise”, no. 8690, on 22.07.2008.

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