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Examination and optimisation of bookkeeping

  • Production costs
  • By-products
  • Transport costs
  • Quantitative accounting
  • Accounting of sales by type of produce
  • Accounting of profit tax, VAT, property tax
  • Accounting of investment and financial activities
  • Order in which accounts are closed

We uncover superfluity or insufficiency of analytical data used in bookkeeping. If necessary, we optimise and organise data. In order to form management reports and reach a certain level of detail, in some cases it is necessary to add data to certain accounts. Usually correction and synchronisation of data are performed for the following accounts:

  • 20 on types of activity
  • 43 on types of product
  • 90 on types of activity
  • 44 on types of commercial services
  • 50, 51, 52 on payment types

We develop procedures and instructions for using analytical data in accounting.

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